Queens’ at Boardwalk.

Met up with my ladies for dinner. Decided to head to a restaurant along Sentosa Boardwalk after hearing from my friends that there’s a few good restaurants over there. But know what? The view along Sentosa Boardwalk is simply amazing!

Here’s one to share!

We saw “The Wine Company” and “Queens”. Decided on the latter after looking through the menu from both restaurants.

Had their set meal which comes with appetizer (salad), mushroom soup, main course (grilled salmon), dessert (a scoop of B&J’s ice cream), and a drink (root beer). Of course, the combinations of food is up to individual.

The ambience there was really fantastic. Serenity. In a bustling city like Singapore, it’s amazing to find tranquility and this is the place. The food was good, ambience was perfect. The only thing that turned us off was the number of ants, flies that came to visit us. It was rather disgusting to have a table full of ants.

And so, I ended my night… CAMWHORING.

These are the girls that is part of my life 🙂


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