ALOHA Birthday!

Celebrated my 24th birthday with LASH at Sentosa Wavehouse this year! I’ve long heard about wavehouse and the hype it created, been wanting to go since ages and here’s my chance, together with my lovlies! 🙂

It was kinda tedious to travel all the way in to Sentosa for a meal, but the thought of good food kept me enthusiastic! I was in fact looking forward to dinner that day! Monorail (Do we still call that Monorail?) → Tram, and TADAH, we reached WAVEHOUSE SENTOSA!!

It took us by surprise when there wasnt a crowd on a Friday night. We walked into the restaurant realizing that we will be the 3rd group of diners in the big restaurant, and unknowingly, ended up being the only group of diner within half an hour.

Loke and Net ordered a set dinner each, Chua had pasta, and I took salivating-looking (from the menu) lemongrass kampung chicken. I guess we were too hungry from all the travelling and we ordered a 9inch duck pizza to share! And oh, i guess we were too excited at the sight of food that we totally forgot to take a picture of them! Hahaha! But here’s the precious one…

Lemongrass Kampong Chicken

The food definitely looks appealing, but the taste was so-so. The same goes to the set dinner and pasta the ladies had! The only food that tasted better, where all 4 of us agreed, was the duck pizza! The duck pizza tasted similar to the one Timbre has, at a lower price.


The ladies surprised me with an in-house Chocolate Lava Cake!

Here’s a shot taken by Net!

Thank you lovlies! I really appreciate it! 🙂 And Chua & Loke gave me a further surprise!! They got Net and me a present!! (Ok, we agreed not to give each other present anymore beginning this year as we rather spend the money on having better delicacies!). And this present is really, really very sweet! I was really touched.

Here’s me with my prized asset! 🙂 I LOVE THE GIFT!!

We started cam-whoring (as usual) in the restaurant, and continued to do so as we walked from the Beach Station all the way back to the station at USS!!!


Of cos we took much more than these few pics lah! But some are really super unglam/hidous to be seen by public. HAHAHAHA! Ended the night feeling very very loved by them. Thank you lovlies for always being there for me, without fail. And thank you for always giving me a special birthday celebration every year.

To end this off, here’s one pic of my darlings and me! They are my love.

L.A.S.H. my love.

Had another celebration on my actual birthday with my family and extended family! My dearest sister went all the way to Pasir Ris’s The Jelly Hearts, to customize a special and delicious strawberry cheesecake for me, and had to travel all the way there again to collect the cake!

Decided to head to a famous tze char stall at Commonwealth Crescent, Two Chef Eating Place, and try out since the stall is ALWAYS packed with customers. We were rather disappointed as the food was really not up to standard.

The fish we ordered was undercooked and we have to get them to steam it again (which tasted so bad after), and the dishes were served cold, including the rice! We reckon it was a mass cooking and they just warm it again when customers placed orders (since majority of the customers actually ordered similar dishes). It was a real disappointment!!

Headed off to Holland Village for Haagen Dazs after dinner. 9 of us, and we spent another 140 bucks for ice cream (right after dinner!).


You must be thinking, “Hey, so where’s the cake your sister bought?” Yes, and so, we went home after ice cream and IT’S TIME FOR CAKE!! 🙂

I didnt know the design of the cake until then and it was a surprise when i saw the large cake, with nicely carved alphabets saying “Happy Birthday” inside it! Thank you my dearest sister!!

I love my family! ❤

I am really grateful and thankful for having such a great family, supportive parents and sister, who always stand by me no matter rain or shine. It is them that make me who I am today, and they are my pillar of support, always. I love you, Daddy, Mummy, Mei mei! 🙂 ❤


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  1. onceamonth4 says:

    Looks like a Great Birthday! Thanks for sharing! If you visit us check out our OAM Everywhere, we like to celebrate girls who still get together with their girlfriends and know how to have a good time! 🙂

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