Today’s recommendation: Expressoul.

I wasn’t a coffee addict until recently, when I get to go Cafe hopping with my good friend, Samantha. I heard of “Expressoul” back in Nov 2011 while I was attending the Web In Travel Conference. That was the first time I paid attention to each and every single action a barista has to go through to brew a cup of fragrant coffee for us to savor.

I didnt know it was such a tedious process to brew a cup of nice coffee; pressure, temperature, the ratio of coffee & milk, the coffee bean etc. I was introduced by the barista to Hazelnut Latte then. I never thought highly of caramel, hazelnut etc as I always prefer the original taste. When the barista told me he’s gonna brew me Hazelnut Latte, I wasnt quite interested but couldnt turn down his offer. THANKFULLY, I DID NOT TURN DOWN HIS OFFER! The Hazelnut Latte was FANTASTIC! (From then on, I have been drinking only Hazelnut Latte!!!)

I can still smell the fragrance of the coffee, and the ratio of hazelnut was definitely just right to not take away the taste of the coffee. Ever since then, I have been wanting to visit their cafe!

It took me quite a while to finally visit their cafe as I was tied down with work. But whatever it is, I feel that expressoul is definitely worth the time and money.

I ordered a cup of Latte and I swear, Expressoul has got one of the best latte ever! You’ll never get sick of it!

Expressoul’s Latte.

Do go try out if you’re around funan’s area!

25 North Bridge Road, #01-01,
EFG Bank Building
Singapore 179104
Tel: 6337 7803


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