Hatched @ HV!

Finally get to try Hatched @ HV after saying it for months! Brought my parents there for Mother’s Day brunch as well as to let them try out the different cuisines the younger generation is currently enjoying 😛

Initially had wanted to go head to the one along Bukit Timah road, but found out that they had opened a new one at Holland Village and since it’s so near my house, decided to head to HV instead! 🙂

Heard so much about Hatched, especially for a egg-lover like me, I was told that it’s a must to visit them and try their food!

I totally love the ambience and their decorations/design for the restaurant! Look at their menu, it looks like a comic book!

Menu. Hatched @ HV.

Each of us ordered a different dish but i think the best is still gonna be “Sir Benedict”!

Dishes we ordered. [top left to bottom]: Sir Benedict, Papillote, Le Rossini, Cowboy.

Mummy had Papillote and I had Le Rossini and we both felt that ours were too eggy. I had a bowl full of scrambled eggs and I think it was too much, especially when the eggs tasted rather weird/raw, or do you call it fishy? (something is definitely wrong with the eggs recently). The Foie Gras with truffle oil was waaaaaaaaaay TOO OILY and after a few mouthful, you’ll get sick of the taste (and water is your best friend). Le Rossini cost $22  and I felt it was totally not worth the money!

Mummy’s Papillote was fine other than being too eggy. And we need no introduction to Sir Benedict 🙂

The Cowboy, as praised by my sister, tasted good. With medium-well steak topped with a sunny side up, wild mushroom and mash potato, and it cost only $16 (or was it $18?).

Though the food was so-so, where some enjoyed their order while some didnt, I am glad my parents had a taste to what the new generation of people are enjoying now 🙂

Daddy with his order.

Mummy with her order.

Sister with her order.

Here’s my orders!

With the four dishes, plus a cup of coffee and latte, the total bill cost approximately $105. But I think it’s definitely worth a visit if you hadnt been there before, for an experience! 🙂

But be prepared to spend quite abit 😛

Hatched @ Holland Village:
267 Holland Ave
Singapore, Singapore 278989
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm
Tel no: 6463 0012


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