Buddy’s birthday @ Ju Shin Jung

Met up with my lovlies again on 22nd May for Linnet’s birthday celebration! And this time, we decided to try out Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant (West Coast)! (Because our friend here is a super korean fan!!!)

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant

We decided to drop the birthday girl a little surprise with the you-know-same-old-school-tactic of “xxx is gonna be late” (because xxx is gonna buy a birthday cake and surprise birthday girl at the restaurant). Yes yes, we did that! Thank goodness birthday girl wasn’t too alert that day to notice something’s wrong, perhaps because she was too excited about her korean feast.

And yes, here’s the surprised birthday girl!

The Birthday Girl!

I swear that the staffs there were super friendly!!! Initially I was afraid that they wouldn’t allow outside food, but instead, they asked if we needed a birthday song!! And YEAH!! THE BIRTHDAY GIRL HAD A BIRTHDAY SONG IN KOREAN, SPECIALLY FOR HER!!!

Friendly staffs singing the korean birthday song!

PS: I think she was too happy to feel embarrassed 😡

And with that, out food started to arrive. They started off with the side dishes (which practically filled the whole table), then the mains! And oh, they helped us with the cooking! Fantastic customer service!

Ok, I’ll let the pictures do the talking! 🙂

a table of side dishes!

beancurd soup (i think :x)

kimchi soup (my guess :x)

saba fish


watermelon in lovely heart-shape (dessert)

group shot!

The girls were rather small-eater (except me, i know they will surely say this), and we left the restaurant at 9-ish. We didn’t know where to go and was driving around without destination in mind. As I insisted on “Photo-taking”, Loke suggested Marina barrage, and there we go!

It was my first night visit to the barrage and the night scene of MBS from there was splendid!

Beautiful night scene from barrage

We were walking around aimlessly initially, then started our “photo-taking session” as we were captivated by the night scene.

It was all “normal” at first, then things went wrong.

decent photo shoot

I must have been a very bad influence; always coming up with nonsense and force my friends to join me. MUAHAHAHA! 😀

and we went crazy!

There’s this “couple” differentiation among us; Loke + Net, Chua + Me. And we always “compete” with each other on all sort of things nonsense. Loke and Net were so proud of their “heart-shape jump” that they were laughing that Chua and I couldn’t do it. This is our unique entertainment, and it never fails to make us laugh. 

And with that, we ended our night.

It never fails to cheer me up whenever I’m with them. Perhaps due to our 14 years of friendship, we are always the kids we were in each other’s eyes.

And yes, do head down to Ju Shin Jung if you haven’t been there! The customer service is wonderful, the side dishes were great with many variety, the bbq meat was awesome! The meat is so well-marinated that it was so tasty and juicy! I think I will make repeated visits!

We had the dinner buffet at 35++ each and it comes with ONE choice of soup (the hotpot) and repeated orders of 3 different types of meat (pork, chicken, pork belly). However, the buffet does not include beef. So if you are a beef lover, then you might have to order it separately.


Ju Shin Jung
27 West Coast Highway
#01-18/19 Yess Centre Singapore
Tel: +65 6464 0872


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