Sisters Meetup @ Breko HV

This is my 3rd visit to Breko and this time with my sisters! It has been almost half a year since we last met. Met them at 6.30pm for dinner and a chill out session, and as usual, our dearest Ms Quak is the latecomer 😛

There’s always so much to update about each other’s life whenever we meet up (duh, cos we meet once half a year! haha!).

Anyways, I was the one who suggested Breko, since it’s near all of us, and I think the food there is not too bad at a reasonable price. They are similar to Aston, but at a slightly steeper price. But their variety of choices is definitely more than Aston. I spent around $20 – $25 each time.

This time round, I had “Hawaiian Chicken”, accompanied with “tic-tac-toe” and colstraw. “Tic Tac Toe” is actually their criss-cut fries and I personally prefer this!

Here’s the pictures!

Hawaiian Chicken!

And a drink to go with my main!

root beer float!

Chill out at Wendy’s after dinner and we did so many stupid things there! You know what keeps girls occupied and entertained? My answer would be, a photography app that can create all sort of nonsense for fun and laughters!

I show you what I meant by this..

How do we look? 🙂

It’s an app (think currently only available on Andriod OS), that allows us to slim our face, enlarge our eyes, hide the blemishes, and do all sort of nonsense with our picture! But I think both on the left looks ok as compared to June & me!!

Conclusion, I LOOK HORRIBLE WITH EVEN BIGGER EYES!!! (btw, the bottom right is me!). And it tells me to be contented with how I look now 🙂

Ended the night around 10-ish.

I am gonna end off with this picture taken randomly by June, of Tang & me! 🙂 I kinda like this pic cos it looks natural! 😛

so natural~

I really love the environment I get dining at Holland Village. If you like Astons, and like Aston-style of western food, do try Breko!

Breko Cafe Holland Village
38 Lorong Mambong
Tel: +65 6468 4424


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