Brotzeit at Vivocity!

Vivocity has been a mall I have been frequenting since it’s opening as it’s really really near my place. I never get sick of it because it has practically everything one needs when shopping!

Walked passed Brotzeit many times while I was shopping there and have been wanting to try it out. And coincidentally, JL said he’s gonna bring me there for dinner! OH YEAH!! I was a happy girl! 😀

Met up with him for a “Post Birthday Celebration” (ya lah, more than 2 weeks after my birthday already ok!) and yes, dinner’s at BROTZEIT!!

Brotzeit’s a german bar & restaurant and I’ve heard alot about their beers. But sadly, I can no longer drink beer! 😦 Had rashes and it was so itchy the last time i drank beer and since then, I’ve stopped drinking.

Flipped through the menu to see what we could order and to our disappointment, choices were rather limited. Majority of the selection was either sausages or pizza. We decided on one each from each category. I know german’s pork knuckle is like the best, but i doubt both of us could finish it so we gave it a miss! 😦

Pork Sausages

I really love the sauce on the most left although i don’t know what is that! Yeah, the cream-coloured one. I am not really a sausage person, especially PORK sausages, but surprisingly, these taste rather good. Usually i’ll get so sick to the taste after eating a tad too much (one sausage?), but these were perfectly ok!

Pizza! (I forgot what we ordered :x)

The pizza’s crust was rather tough, but overall it tasted alright.

I ordered a cup of latte too! I know right, in a german restaurant and i’m not drinking beer 😦 Oh wells!


The 2 dishes were honestly enough to fill our stomach. 🙂

I think Brotzeit is probably a place i’ll come chill out with friends for some beer, but maybe not for dinner. I really dislike places where the menu is limited.

On another note, thanks JL for this wonderful birthday gift and dinner!! 🙂

birthday gift!


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