KL Trip with lovlies!

Finally had a short getaway with my girls! We were deciding between Bintan or KL initially but decided on the latter as we were on a budget. But after this short getaway, I came to realise that, it doesn’t matter where the destination is when you travel with your best friends because the company is the one that makes the whole trip enjoyable! 🙂

We flew to KL on 2nd June and came back on the 4th. It was a short but fun trip 🙂 This is the first time I took the budget airline and it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined; squeezy, unstable etc. In fact, the seat space was rather alright for me. Probably because it was only a 45minutes journey.

So, it was my first time flying out of town with my friends (without my parents, nor teachers, not school-excursion etc) and I lug my bag and took the train all the way to Changi Airport! Met the girls for breakfast before setting off!

Getting all set for the trip!

Off we go!~

I was really so excited at the thought of being able to walk up the plane via the ladder provided. It makes me feel so much like superstar! HAHAHAHA! dreaming much!

The journey there was super fast! We were in the air for around 30minutes then we heard the landing announcement! Maybe because we were crapping and hence time flew. I kinda pity the passengers who sat near us, because we were actually quite noisy 😛 Sorry for being such inconsiderate passengers, but we were really excited for our trip. Pardon us 🙂

We reached KL around noon, and it took us few hours before we reached our hotel! I think by the time we reached the hotel, it was already 3plus in the afternoon. Really hot and tired, not forgetting extremely hungry!! We were joking that we took all modes of transport in order to reach the hotel; train, plane, monorail and bus!

Took a short rest and wash up in the hotel before we head out to hunt for food. And unknowingly, we were standing infront of “Redbox” (Malaysia’s K-box equivalent karaoke). Without hesitation, we decided on settling our dinner there! Yes, singing and eating! They were too engrossed in singing and I think I was the only one who kept eating (to the extend that I did not even take a single shot of the food!).

day 1

And oh, the best part of this place was, it has THREE MICS!!! One for each of us!!! We were so happy and excited about it that we started our very own “S.H.E”, trying to tear down the place!! Walked around in search of convenience store after our k-session and headed back to our hotel. We actually went to search for 7-eleven when there’s one right at the corner of the street outside our hotel. Oh wells..

Since we were staying at the heart of KL, and the malls open at around 11pm, we had the privilege of sleeping in till 10am!!! 😀 Day 2 was a shopping plus eating plus shopping plus eating day! Started the day off with McDonalds breakfast! (Mac is just right beside our hotel lah!)

Shop & Eat!

So we continued to shop at Sungei Wang area and became bankrupt. Just too much stuffs to buy!!! And oh, we were so happy to chance upon the Tbowl restaurant (you know the one in Taiwan? yeah yeah!). So happy!! The food was actually alright, but it’s the experience that matters!

Headed back to hotel at around 5plus. Arranged to meet YyH’s friends at 7pm. So we took this hour to rest. It’s really tiring to shop the whole day!! But I was really glad we met her friends!! One of them was so kind enough to drive us around, brought us to experience the pub in KL and also to a famous Bak Ku Teh by the roadside!! I really really love such experiences as I feel more associated to their culture.

Wonderful night!

Beer, Long Island Tea, Flaming Lambo were our orders! And yes, we went for bak ku teh after the drinking session :X Reached hotel at around 1plus in the morning. Really thankful for the warm host! 🙂

Although it was a short trip, it was rather well-spent. We basically just slack our final day away at KL Central (for lunch) and shuffling between the 2 airports (International Airport and LCCT) to get last minute stuffs.

Last but not least..

And oh, not forgetting our cam-whore session before we depart our hotel! 🙂

It’s not the destination that matters, but rather, the company. I love their company, and that’s all that matters! 🙂 Love you girls!


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