Platonic friendship; friends or lovers?


purely spiritual; free from sensual desire, especially in a relationship between two persons of the opposite sex.

(taken from:

This has always been a debatable topic; “Can Men and Women be friends?”, and to-date, I believe each has their own answer to this question.

I have always strongly believe in the existence of platonic friendship because I have very close guys friends whom I can share my thoughts with, and we are close because of the spiritual dependence on one another.

Despite the fact that some of the friendship indeed ended up with certain unexpected confessions (well, I guess some of them misunderstood the intimacy of friendship), but I still uphold the belief.

I saw many researches done on this topic and many interviews were made. In fact, I realised, majority of the guys do not think that platonic friendship exist while on the other hand, women believe that platonic friendship exist. Is it because men tend to misinterpret the intimacy of friendship? Or is it because of the long-term spiritual dependence they had with the opposite that makes them mistaken reliance as love? Or is it simply just the hormones’ fault? 😛

I often ask my friends for their thoughts about this too. But surprisingly, the ladies always give me a firm no, they do not believe there’s platonic friendship. To many of them, a guy + a girl = something fishy. Hmm… I wonder how true?

I always wonder, why does befriending someone involves so many implications? Why can’t people just befriend one another, regardless if they are of opposite sex? Why will the concern of “does platonic friendship exist?” occur when we are close friends with someone of opposite sex?

I think the problem lies in, does time changes the friendship into a relationship? Because of the reliance on one another, the faith & trust, the understanding? Does that sort of dependence… be considered as love?

Men and Women; friends or lovers?

I think ultimately, it depends on how you and your heart is treating the opposite sex. I believe we can be friends because that’s the mentality I carry whenever I’m with them. I’m always my true self – the boyish me – infront of the guys. Perhaps that’s the reason platonic friendship exist for me, because they treat me as their “brother” 😛

Came across an interesting article while I was trying to search for the definition of “Platonic Friendship”. Share this with my readers, click here. It’s an interesting read.

I think whether or not Men and Women can be friends is really up to individuals. But I’ll be happy to listen to any thoughts 🙂

What’s your thought? Men and Women; friends or lovers?


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