a blessing to have siblings.

Have you ever wondered how your life would be like with (if you do not have) or without (if you have) siblings? I always do! I always wonder how I will turn out to be if my life’s without my little sister. Will I still be so independent? Will I still have such a strong character? How will my character transformed if I do not have my little sister to share my problems and secrets with?

When I was young, I used to think that having a little brother/sister will make it increasingly harder to get parents’ full attention because I’ll have to share their attention with someone else. But, as I grow older, I am very thankful that I have a little sister to share many things with, especially the stuffs that I find it hard to share with my parents or friends.

Despite the fact that my little sister is always giving me problems and is mischievous at times, I am very thankful for her presence. One of the most touching things she did was to gather all my friends secretly (behind my back) and did the most memorable birthday gift I ever received; she got all my friends to write customized birthday messages for me! Both of us are not very expressive, especially in terms of showing concern for each other. Hence I was very touched when I knew that all the sufferings I had in university, all the sobbing before sleep (I thought I was soft enough to not let her hear), she knew and she actually wrote all her thoughts and encouragements as a birthday message.

I am glad to have a little sister whom I can turn to anytime, and to go shopping together! I really love time spent with my family 🙂 I am thankful to my parents for instilling the importance of family values in us 🙂

Sister & Me

And a random day out with my cousin too!


I am very thankful for closely-knitted family ties. I am very thankful for all the things I have today, and I truly appreciate and cherish all the things I have. 🙂

Do not look at what you do not have. Instead, look at what you have and be thankful for everything that was given to you. Appreciate all the things you have.


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