little girl’s dream

I’m currently so hooked on to this new taiwan drama (after a long hiatus from taiwan drama), 真愛趁現在. Though it seems like it’s gonna be some draggy drama with 80 episodes, but it started really well (although some may argue that it’s unrealistic, but who know?).

I felt it started well because i think it goes out to every girl who have been hurt badly in love that they should keep the faith; the faith that there is one guy out there who will be willing to do anything for you, even if it means you have only 6 months left in this world, just because he loves you dearly.

I believe many girls, including myself, have that little girl’s dream to have a romantic wedding proposal, a romantic wedding ceremony. Since young, we dream of marrying the man we love. We always create different romantic, happy-ever-after scenarios and wish that what’s gonna happen to us in future. Taiwan dramas always make me feel like a little girl all over again each time i watch.

But as the title says, 真愛趁現在 (Love, now). If you love someone, tell him/her now. Do not wait till it’s too late and you can only live with regrets. Relationship may be vulnerable, but there are many things that’s still within control; just like you can decide to confess or not. Life is vulnerable, and you do not know what may happen the next second.

And this drama really have got a few nice songs! Currently listening to 吾在場證明 by 嚴爵. Shall end the post here by sharing this song. 🙂 Remember: Love, now.


再轉眼 傷心已在藍天擱淺

有一天 他會明白所謂告別

有時候我抽離 留下愛還在場的證明
就證明 不在一起也能一起前進

讓明天來證明 你是我最美麗的證據


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