my favorite singer, S.H.E

After almost 3 years’ wait, they are finally back! Yes, they are S.H.E (Selina, Hebe, Ella), with their brand new album 花又开好了.

S.H.E 13th album, 花又开好了.

S.H.E 13th album, 花又开好了.

When they first started out back in 2001, I didn’t pay much attention to them and thought they were just another “pretty face female group who can’t sing”. But later on, I’ve been hearing many of their hit songs and thought they were pretty good. A couple of years later, when they released their 3rd album, I was in awe with these 3 ladies, because of their friendship, their down-to-earth and natural personality. It seems to me they were one of the few rare singers who can be themselves infront and behind camera and their energy does make one’s day!

S.H.E in Year 2001 (when they first started) - 女生宿舍

S.H.E in Year 2001 (when they first started) – 女生宿舍

As the years passed, their singing got better and better (maybe because of better chemistry and understanding of one another), with each of them taking different pitches. The moment where 3 voices integrated into 1. They know when to back each other up when needed. The 11 years journey wasn’t easy, with Ella injuring her back in 2003, Selina got involved in a horrifying accident in 2010. But despite these, it did not stop them from pursuing music; singing and performing for everyone.

when i first started paying attention to S.H.E, 美丽新世界

when i first started paying attention to S.H.E, 美丽新世界

I felt these ladies really taught me alot of things, brought me many positive life lesson. We’re bound to meet with setbacks in life, but setbacks should only make us stronger. We should always be determined to pursue what we want in life and not give up because of setbacks.

Of the 3 ladies, i especially love Hebe. Her broad genre of music, especially evident after her 2 solo albums, really broaden my knowledge of music. Listening to her live in concert really makes one indulge in her voice and forget about any other things. She is someone who expresses through music and i’m in awe of her talent; she can write, compose, play instruments, draw and perhaps many still unknown to me.

To-Hebe (2010), My Love (2011)

To-Hebe (2010), My Love (2011)

Through these ladies, I see what we always meant by best-friends-forever and the importance of staying real.

S.H.E - creating chinese-pop history, again and again

S.H.E – creating chinese-pop history, again and again

I salute you ladies. 只要你们唱,我就会听。


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