Paris Baguette

Was shopping in town with my Mum & sister a few weeks back and chanced upon Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria. I thought that the name of the cafe was rather familiar, thanks to social media (with the check-ins and all). I also recalled seeing “Paris Baguette” in the credits of one of the repeat Korean dramas i’ve been watching on Channel U every week. After much googling, i found out it’s a french-inspired Korean cafe, and that explains why majority of the staffs there are Koreans! 🙂

And yes, we decided to give it a try since we were already there and I thought it was good to bring my Mum for some high tea 🙂

The exterior of the cafe looks good, and it does attract the attention of people who are passing by. However, I was kinda shocked when i saw how crowded it was, and the place seems to be in a mess. I was expecting it to be restaurant-like, where we gotta wait to be seated. (i blame it on the exterior, and perhaps the location), but we actually stood around as though we were at hawker centre to wait for a seat. And yes, we waited for around 30minutes before we got a seat (finally).

30 minutes for a seat, 15 minutes deciding on what to order, 15 minutes to queue and order, and we finally got our stuffs! I got to say they do have plenty of pastries and cakes and you really don’t know what to order! Here are some of the stuffs we ordered.


Orange & Kiwi Juice. Ice flake with red bean. Cafe Latte.


Strawberry Pudding. Pastries.

I got to say the juice is fresh. The ice flake with red bean was for experience, and the cafe latte tasted normal. I felt the ice flake with red bean was something very normal, nothing special about it; it’s just a bowl of shaved ice covered with milk and topped with red beans & “muah chee” and it cost almost 10bucks!

But i do like the pudding and the pastries they have! I would like to go back and try their cakes, sandwiches because they do look appealing!

The food shown in the pictures above actually cost us almost 40bucks in total, which I felt was quite expensive actually. But i think i’ll still be back for more! 🙂

Paris Baguette Cafe
435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria


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