Immersed in emotions.

It’s 2.15am on boxing day and instead of sleeping, i’m looping to 紀家盈(家家)’s 填空. It’s another song from the idol drama (真愛趁現在) i recommended few posts earlier.

Emotions and thoughts just flow through my mind whenever this song is played. I really love the tune, the lyrics, the voice. The combination as a whole does make one turn emotional.

Apparently, this song is not yet officially released, and it will be on 28th dec. She’s a new singer from Taiwan and has got powerful nice vocals.

Trust me. Listen to it. Here goes…

很莫名 對自己懷疑
掙紮了 選擇了 然後歸零
可不可以 交出自己全放棄
可不可以 別再要多清醒
我可以了 關於沒過去
也可以了 生命再 變成 填空題
再填空 我會填上自己


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crazy. emotional. extrovert. introvert. sociable. unfriendly. i have many sides.
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