Never live to regret!

Heard this song again after many years over the radio earlier on and it reminded me of a thing in the past. It used to be a popular song which we always discuss about, saying how much we love this song. But few years later, things changed, people changed, we changed. You live your life, i live mine and we’re probably happier this way. At least i am and i hope you are too.

Not typing nor looking back in regret. In fact, i’m glad at least i have beautiful memories to stay with me despite all the changes. I am grateful to have that piece of memory which brought me lots of fun and laughter, tears and quarrels, genuine care and concern. It definitely played a big part in my growing up phase.

However, people learn from changes. If there isn’t any changes, we probably will never grow up. I learnt a great deal and came to realise i’ve been neglecting a big part of my life. I begin to learn how to cherish what i have. As a friend always say, “things happen for a reason”. And i found out the reason for the changes few months later and was glad things did change. I lost one, but found many. It is a good deal afterall 🙂

Never live to regret. Do what you think you ought to, and even if the result isn’t what you want, at least you tried and will not live with regrets. Create the beautiful memories in your life!


About 5onefive

crazy. emotional. extrovert. introvert. sociable. unfriendly. i have many sides.
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