Go after your dreams.

Ever since i started working, being able to sit down and catch a drama/show in the evening becomes a luxury. I am not complaining. But as i’m also into music, the online buzz about campus superstar 2013 did catch my attention.

Campus Superstar 2013 (Credits: Campus Superstar 2013 Facebook)

I always thought these contestants were just kids and there isn’t much hype about the competition. It’s like “so what if they win?“. But still, i managed to catch the finals last Sunday – because my sister was talking about it – and there was one particular contestant who caught my eye; Gwendolyn Lee.

Gwendolyn Lee (Credits: Campus Superstar 2013 Facebook)

I felt she’s one sweet looking, yet confident girl and her voice is unique. Maybe she was too nervous that night, her unique style did catch my attention especially when she sang “Beautiful Love” on one occasion, which i happen to be watching. I was disappointed when i saw the results the judges gave her. But what surprises me was, she managed to hold a smile, and continue to fight on, even though she knows her chance of winning is very slim.

I went on to google about her, and was taken aback that she’s only 14! For a 14 years old, who is able to pursue her dreams, to be able to face the criticisms in competitions, hide her disappointment infront of the whole Singapore and continue fighting on, i felt she’s amazing. In fact, i learnt something from her. Yes, i learnt something from a 14 years old. Her never-dying spirit for her passion, to pursue what she love to do, is perhaps something many of us failed to do.

What i am trying to say here is, how many of us adults actually fought hard for our dreams? We used to write essays about “My Ambition”, but how many of us actually pursue our dreams, to become who we want to be? To pursue something we have passion and interest in?

We are blinded by the “reality” of society; Nothing is more important than having the ability to bring in the bread and butter everyday. If you do not have the ability to do so, then forget about passion and interest because they cannot keep you alive. This is something that i’ve always been hearing when i ask, “Passion or Money”?

I do agree. We need to survive, we need to survive before we can pursue our dreams. But my thoughts are; one day, you’ll suddenly feel it’s time for you to pursue your dreams and if so, go ahead and do it! It’s never too late to start pursuing them, no matter how old you are. At the very least, you did try 🙂


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