Laws’ of Carpark

I have seen many occasions where drivers fought over a car slot in the carpark and have always been wondering how do drivers determine they have got the rights over another driver for a particular slot. Is it via chronological order (meaning I came here first and saw it, so that’s mine), or dependent on who has been waiting nearer to the slot?

I met a case of drivers arguing over a slot, and let the picture do the work, and you readers tell me, who’s right, and who’s wrong.


And so, here’s the scenario.

Car X & Y were driving around the carpark, with Car Y at the front. And Car Y thought the car at B6 was leaving, so he stopped. And so, Car X overtook Car Y.

Car X decided to stop near A1 slot because the driver saw someone coming, walking towards the slot. Car X reversed and followed the someone and found that he was the driver of the car at slot A3 (in red). After the car left, Car X wanted to reverse into slot A3, but found that Car Y has parked into the slot.

Car X’s driver went to inform Car Y’s driver. But Car Y’s driver said, based on chronological order, this should be his parking slot.

So, who should be taking the slot A3? Car X or Car Y?


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