Quote #6

感情中最磨人的,不是争吵或冷战,而是明明喜欢、还要装出不在乎。爱,总和自尊捆绑在一起。但自尊绝非高高在上的姿态,而是坦诚的面对自己。世人都习惯了扮演一种不屑一切的冷艳。演技越好,离快乐越远。别藏得太深,幸福会找不到你。—— 苏芩

Grabbed this from Weibo and thought it describes me well. I’ve always been someone who place pride above anything else. And pride is the one that stops me from showering love, for being a good girlfriend that I ought to. I had to hide my true feelings, portraying a “I-don-give-a-damn” attitude when my heart is bleeding just because I place importance on my pride.

It’s true; the higher I place my pride, the further I am from happiness.

I know I need to change. I will… one day.


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crazy. emotional. extrovert. introvert. sociable. unfriendly. i have many sides.
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