Being a Public Figure

We always dream of being a famous actress, a famous singer, indulging in applauds and cheers, having our own fan club and all. But, there’s give and take in everything we do. Does anyone realises that?

When someone decided to pursue the route to stardom, the first concern will always be, “will I be famous?”. But how much does it takes for one to become famous? Endless work, abnormal working hours, and what’s weekends? what’s family day? what’s personal time?

When one becomes famous, each minor action will be enlarged by the paparazzi. Each action, word or sentence may receive wide public criticism. And because of popularity, one’s schedule may become so packed that health gets neglected.

We always see the glamorous side of the artistes, but never really understood the hard work they put in. We see reports on the big cars, big apartments they owned, perhaps for some, living in luxury. But does everyone know what they gave up in exchange for this?

Yes, one concert may cost us a few hundred bucks. But the cost to organize a concert ain’t cheap to begin with.

I decided to publish this post because I came to know of a ridiculous situation in Taiwan – Singer refunded TWD500(cost of ticket) each to all 120 fans who attended her mini concert using own money because some fans said she organized mini concert for profit

Maybe it was angst, maybe it was sour grapes (since there were only 120 tickets up for grab), maybe.. but there’s no need to hurt someone with vicious words.

Hebe Tien, a member of S.H.E. I have been supporting her since I was 13. I have never been those die-hard fans; rushing to the airport when she arrive in Singapore, getting all merchandise (though sometimes I do now, but definitely depends on my financial situation), booking taxi just to follow her everywhere (sounds like a stalker, but I know some fans do). But most importantly, I support her by staying rational.

I support Hebe, not only because she sings well, but also her staying true to herself, educating and enlightening the people around her.

And being Hebe Tien, the one who always educate her fans on recycling, on doing charity and the one Singer I know who insisted to have only one version for all her album so that the fans will not waste money to purchase all different versions, has been accused by her “fans” (double quoted because I don think they deserved to be named as her fans) that she is doing everything just for profit.

I know some people might argue that I do not know her personally, so what makes me so sure she does all those; it’s simply because she takes the lead. She does what she says.

I always hear things like, “Why waste money? Because of people like you guys, she’s now living in luxury, in big apartment.”

But I would like to ask in return, “Do you know how much she sacrifices? Do you know how many HOURS a year she gets to sleep in that big apartment of hers? Do you know how many times a year is she able to have get together with her family? Does she even have a personal life at all because of fame?” She chose this path, to become a Singer, hence she has to give up personal life? No, public figures are also human, they too have emotions and feelings, so why can’t they do what they want like anyone of us?

Singer / Actress – It’s just another job, ain’t it?

We hold an office job, with regular working hours, probably not as well-paid as a famous Singer / Actress, smaller house, but we get our weekends, we get to spend our time with our family, we have our personal life, we are able to behave like ourselves in public showing our real emotions.

She has sacrificed for the job she has chosen. She worked hard for everything she owns today, isn’t it? So, why make it sound like she’s ripping you guys off, especially when she has constantly been trying to lessen the financial burden off the fans?

If your financial status doesn’t allow you to attend concerts, then DON’T. Guys, be rational, even though we very much love to support our idols. Do what is within your means.


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