Life isn’t always beautiful, it’s how you make it beautiful that matters.

I am not a copywriter. 
I am not a food/fashion/travel/lifestyle blogger. 
I love to eat. 
I love to explore.
I love challenges. 
I love to travel.
I don't like to shop. 
I don't like chocolate.

What’s life then, you may ask.
Life’s about doing things that makes one happy!

I am a... Japalang 
(Pronounced as: JA-PA-LANG, a mixture of here and there) blogger. 
Sorry, I never liked writing. 
I am blogging because I love to share interesting stuffs & thoughts.

Just a normal girl-next-door (maybe not? :P) living on a sunny island call Singapore. Created a blog to share about the things in life, quotes, music, and all sort of random thoughts!

Disclaimer: Whatever said in the blog are solely personal opinions/views and have no offensive nor deliberate intention. Thank you.

And by the way, Hayley is my name!


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